What We Believe At Affiliate Frontline

We believe in simplicity.

We believe the downfall of every affiliate marketer is imminent unless you build an email list. Email lists are assets that provide consistent, reliable income for years.

We believe you should treat every person that visits your website like the REAL person that they actually are... not a click, not a session... a PERSON.

We believe wasting time trying to capitalize on loopholes is like building a brand new house just so you can set it on fire to watch it burn... just doesn't make sense.

We believe there are no new ways to do anything—trying to invent a new way is a huge waste of time and a distraction from making money.

We believe in tracking the snot outta everything we possibly can. You can't scale what you can't confirm as profitable.

We believe blackhat affiliates are amazingly perseverant and driven; spending days, and even weeks, building campaigns, setting up cloakers and tracking, only to have it all shut down by the ad network a few days later. We admire your resilience and tenacity. We just prefer the easy way.

We believe shiny objects are the devil. Oh, but they hurt so gooood!

We believe in automation whenever, and wherever, possible. Sometimes we tend to get carried away with this though. Gotta remember... simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. Don't overcomplicate it.

We believe, as an affiliate, you should always add some kind of value to the people you bring into your world.

We believe if you don't jump, you'll never know if you can fly.

We believe in mastering copywriting, persuasion, and influence skills over everything else.

We believe you should do something every day to build your business.

We believe God made affiliate marketers to compensate for the ridiculous amount of product owners who know absolutely nothing about driving qualified traffic.

We believe spammers should all be put on their own island with no way off; left to annoy the shit out of each other for eternity. Speaking of shit...

We believe in holding nothing back. What you see is what you get. Posers are hosers.

We believe good is good enough.

We believe in case studies. Theory is boring and often disregarded as BS; and we hate BS.

And finally...

We believe in sharing our knowledge with ANYONE who's willing to learn it and implement it.


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